Israel Figa Talks About What To Expect In A Post-COVID-19 World

Israel Figa Talks About What To Expect In A Post-COVID-19 World

It is a common belief that the world as we once knew will take a long time to recover. And chances are high that we will have to adapt to a new normal in the post-COVID-19 world. The global medical emergency that the virus inflicted changed a lot in the general population as fear for one’s life was more prominent. Moreover, the pandemic had a negative impact on the world’s global economy with stopped trade and travel which led to a major decline in sales in all sectors. Many people are speculating what the pos-COVID-19 world will look like as everything that we knew before was shook to the core. Israel Figa shares some of his views on the post-COVID-19 world and what we should expect from it.

Changes In The Post-COVID-19 World

Digitized Businesses

During the initial lockdowns, almost all of the businesses allowed their employees to work from home. As a result, to make the work from home experience more sustainable, many new technologies and software were developed. Now, all aspects of businesses can be handled from the comfort of your homes. The post-COVID-19 world will bring forward even more advancements in technology. While there has been an increase in unemployment, this digital era may create more work opportunities for remote work.

E-learning Focused

The education sector was one of the first to shut down completely after the pandemic announcement. Since then, teachers and students have adapted to e-learning methodologies. Both teachers and students have adapted to this new change and are even trying out new strategies to make online learning more effective.  Israel Figa says that e-learning platforms are forcing people to ditch the traditional teaching methods and adapt ones that are more effective for this digitized era.

Changes In Economic Strategies

This global pandemic hit the world’s economy with the full brunt of the force. Failing businesses, unemployment, and lack of funds have crumbled a lot of growing cities. This has been a major eye-opener for business owners and entrepreneurs and the government. Now, they will work on better financial and economic strategies to make sure that they are well-prepared to deal with any situation that may have negative effects on the economy. Currently, the World Bank is supporting governments around the world by helping them tackle equity issues.

Growth of Nationalism

An unfortunate yet very likely outcome in the post-COVID-19 world would be the increased sense of nationalism. This means that the thought “my nation before yours” will become a common notion among the people.  Currently, there is a mass wave of hate crimes against Asians because people are blaming them for the spread of the disease. This sense of falsehood will only increase in intolerant nations which may force people from different races to migrate to other countries. They will have to leave behind their lives and source of livelihood and start all over in a new place. 

Better Formed Cities

The pandemic has been a wake-up call for many people in higher positions and has made them aware of the dire conditions that many citizens live in. The cases of unemployment have cost people their homes and shelters. Countries are taking the initiative to create cities and reshape them into an organization that works for the people rather than the opposite. Rainwater harvesting systems and food securities are being developed to make sure that the government can provide for its people. Furthermore, agendas are being developed that prioritize putting a roof over people’s heads, provide medical care; both physical and mental, and food securities in times of crisis.

Concluding Thoughts

Israel Figa says that all past pandemics shaped the world to become better as we were able to identify problem areas during the time of crisis. It’s sad to note that despite the educated and advanced world that we live in today, people are still blaming individual nationalities and creating hostile environments for people. The post-COVID-19 world, unfortunately, will bring forward a stronger sense of nationalism. The positive side of the new normal would be that we will have better businesses, medical systems, and response strategies to such tragedies.

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