Skin Care – Important Things You Must Know

Skin Care – Important Things You Must Know

Skin care is the collection of practices that support healthy skin, improve its physical appearance and alleviate skin disorders like acne, wrinkles, pigmentation disorders etc. They may include proper usage of emollients, prevention of excessive exposure to the sun and nutrition. It includes different forms of skin care like cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, anti-aging treatment etc. There are some myths attached to these skin care treatments which need to debunk.

The myth says that most skin care products contain collagen. This is not true. Collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed by the pores of the skin and hence they do not get absorbed. Therefore, you cannot make effective use of collagen-based serums or cleansing masks with the help of these products.

Another myth surrounding skin care routine is that mineral makeup can be used for all types of skin. It cannot be used for facial skin care. It is advisable to use a liquid foundation. Liquid foundation will keep you away from the risk of skin inflammation and acne. You should also use non-comedogenic makeup like non-pore clogging powders. These powders are not only good for facial use but for all other types of skin as well.

Most people believe that you can buy any chemical product for your skin care products and that is why they fail in their routine. Before buying anything for your routine, you should consult a board-certified dermatologist. He will help you in understanding the right type of product that will suit your needs. If you go for a particular chemical substance, it might have side effects on your health. Consulting with dermatologists is very important because they have a lot of experience and they know the right chemicals which should be used for your routine.

Some of the common chemical substances which people tend to neglect while planning their skin care regimen are sunscreens. Sunscreen protects you from the sun’s ultra violet rays. A dermatologist will definitely recommend the use of sunscreen as your first priority. While purchasing sunscreens, make sure that you are buying the branded one as expensive sunscreens are not effective and they might even contain harmful chemicals that might damage your health.

While planning your skin care products, you might also forget about the importance of using a good exfoliator. An exfoliator will help in removing the dead skin cells from your face and neck. While washing your face, make sure that you use a good cleanser and moisturizer as these are the two major components for your exfoliation routine. In addition, you should choose a good toner for your daily wash as the toner will help in the removal of the extra dry skin cells from your face. If you are looking for skin care products, remember to read the labels carefully so that you do not waste your money on ineffective products.

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